Fit by design

We are bringing together all the elements of employment and making them accessible to everyone. Imployable is a tool to help people identify, map and track their way in to meaningful employment.


Imployable is a job finder app and web platform that is designed to change how people get employed.

Our innovative career app allows users to see how they fit compared to the jobs you are offering, if they don’t meet the requirements then they can’t apply and we show them what how and where they can get the experience and qualifications they need.

This saves employers time not sifting through unqualified candidates and allows you to focus your time on hiring people who fit. The job finder app tells the jobseeker exactly what they need to apply for the opportunity, meaning they know where they stand and what they need.

employment app


We are bringing together all the necessary components for students, military leavers and job seekers to better themselves and gain meaningful employment.

Our career and job finder app allows users to identify, map and track their way in to or through a career, meaning people who apply for your positions are qualified and motivated. Whats more we use innovative in app personality profiling for our job seekers, so they have a great idea if they are a good fit for your job or not.


  • 100,000 App users through partners
  • 200 Businesses signed up
  • 10,000 Live Opportunities

How Does it Work for employers, training providers and charities

There is a better way to find employees, students and volunteers. Our platform, tied to our user app gives you access to more suitable candidates that meet your needs all whilst saving you money.

  • Post Opportunity

    Login to your online area and upload your job, experience or qualification opportunity. We will be soon developing a .csv upload function for companies to easily upload multiple jobs at once and again saving you time.

  • Set Requirement

    You can set your application requirements, the user must be within the qualified/ experience bracket to apply, limiting the number of people who can apply and saving you time not sifting through unsuitable candidates.

  • Shown in App

    Your opportunity will be shown to our app users, they will be shown how qualified and experienced they are compared to the requirements and how well they fit personally, the user can apply with Profile and video cover letter

  • Notify Our Users

    Once your job is live you can access our talentTool, it will show you all the users who meet your criteria, you can then select multiple users and send a targeted notification inviting them to view your opportunity

  • Manage Everything

    Your employers area allows you to manage applications, view cover videos, message your shortlisted candidates, send interview instructions and so much more including job and requirement management

  • Interview Management

    If you invite one of our users to interview we will send them a confirmation notification the day before, we will restrict usage to the app until they respond. If they confirm we notify you, if they decline we ask them why and let you know



We have partnered with companies across the UK to create a mobile app that offers an unrivalled experience for job seekers and a web portal that offers you the most efficient hiring journey