Imployable is a job finder app and web platform that is designed to change how people get employed. Our innovative career app allows users to see how they fit compared to the jobs you are offering, if they don’t meet the requirements then they can’t apply and we show them what how and where they can get the experience and qualifications they need.

This saves employers time not sifting through unqualified candidates and allows you to focus your time on hiring people who fit. The job finder app tells the jobseeker exactly what they need to apply for the opportunity, meaning they know where they stand and what they need.


Founded by 2 Former Royal Marines, Imployable is an innovative new app based platform that is specifically designed to bridge the gaps in unemployment, facilitate career tracking. We are working hard to become the UK’s No1 career and job finder appIn 2015 Peter Kelly left the Royal Marines after 10 years of service, he was helped to gain industry qualifications in Project Management through the military and swiftly jumped into the civilian world; within 3 months of leaving he was unemployed. Highly qualified, inexperienced and unemployable.

During a 9-month period of unemployment Peter reconnected with an old Royal Marine friend, Kieron Yeoman was running a business that actively coaches and supports people into work and helps the ‘unemployable’ into meaningful employment.

After many conversations and having experienced first-hand some of the problems people faced with employment they decided to do some digging in to the industry as a whole and try to and identify root causes of peoples’ employment struggles; what we found was astonishing.

Fast forward, we are now testing with the Department for Work and Pensions and the Ministry of Justice, we are close to launch and will become the UK’s most trusted job finder app.


Here at imployable our mission is simple:

Revolutionise an industry by creating a system that improves efficiency, cuts the cost of recruitment and gives equal opportunity to people looking for jobs and careers

The way we achieve this is by creating separate systems for our core users, an app that is completely free for our users to identify, map and track their way in to a new career and a web based system that speaks directly to the app, pulls relevant information and allows employers, training providers and charities to articulate their exact needs.


We are driven by impact, everything we do must have a positive impact on our users and clients, that’s why every small decision we make is crucial.

Balancing our own commercialisation with the impact for individuals, organisations and the industry is key to our strategy, ensuring we are sustainable whilst achieving our goals.

Our key goals are as follows:

  • Cut hiring cost – The avg. cost of employing 1 employee is £5344, we aim to halve this by creating more efficiency in the process
  • Cut employee turnover – Employee turnover cost UK businesses £4.18bn per year, finding the right position means they stay in their job
  • Military transitions – 21% of military leavers are unemployed 6 months after leaving, we want to bring this down to under 10%
  • Reducing work place mental health issues – Mental health issues can be directly attributed to unhappiness at work, getting people into the right job is key
  • Disability in employment – Disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than abled bodied people, everyone has value and we want it known
  • Ex-offender employment – We want to boost the prospects for ex offenders, giving them access to new opportunities to help them rehabilitate, cutting the overall level of re-offending.
  • Make educated decisions – 60% of people feel their qualifications are irrelevant to their job, we want young people to make good decisions in education



We are building a mobile app and web portal that is designed to stand the test of time and be scalable as we grow. We want to ensure you that our systems are current and future proof.

Our innovative platform gives you complete control over your hiring process, we give you direct access to candidates that fit your requirements and are aiming to connect to multiple widely used HR management systems.

If you would like to know more about us and what we are doing please get in touch.

Our core values

We are a company driven by values, much like a charity but with the commerciality and sustainability of a business. It is most important to our organisation to create and maintain the correct culture and services which will guide us in our mission.

Scalable Tech
Our technology must be future proof, we believe in building our app and web systems with the ability to grow with the company, the industry and our users.
We like to think we are building our business with our users and clients, communication is key for us to deliver what our customers want and need.
We will continue to test ourselves, pushing the boundaries of our tech and the industry to make sure we are at the forefront of innovation.
Team Ethos
The team works, the dream works! We will practice what we preach and ensure that working for imployable is fun, exciting and a truly great experience.

Building a team driven to succeed

we love what we do