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Here's What We Do Better

Online Management
Our online portal allows you to completely manage your training opportunities and course enquiries. You can also manage students who enquire about the courses you run and send them information.
Easy Communication
Easily communicate with potential students through the web portal, your messages will be delivered directly to the potential students app. You can handle course enquiries and send them relevant information.
Set Requirements
Set your requirements for the courses and the parameters that allow application (i.e students that hold relevant qualifications), the enquiries you get will be from those that meet the requirements of the course.
Multiple Locations
If you run the same courses across the country you can add multiple locations to your opportunity, this ensures that your training/course will get maximum exposure to potential students across the UK.
Target Market
Our platform shows your opportunity to those he need it, meaning that everyone who sees your course, training or apprenticeship is your target market, no need to spend money trying to find them, we have them.
Course Media
Along with your training/course you can upload a video in the manage opportunity area. The video will be shown in the app along with your opportunity and can show the users all about your organisation.

How It Works

Education and training is arguably the most important factor for career progression and job seeker success. Our app allows users to identify the qualifications and training they need to move in to a job or career.

Instead of showing our users the qualifications they need and leaving them to find courses for themselves, we show them live training courses and opportunities in the app and allow them to get in touch with the provider or apply in the app. Advertise courses on Imployable to start filling classes.

No hidden fees, just an efficient way to advertise training courses and find students

Our platform is designed to be a complete career development tool, as well as showing our users live job opportunities and potential careers we also show them the qualifications and training they need to get there making it easier for you to find students.

With our online portal you can quickly and easily advertise training courses and qualifications to our users app. When our users identify that they need extra training, we will show them your training opportunities if they are relevant and allow the users to apply/ express an interest in your course.

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