The Weirdest Jobs Around the World

Our society runs on the job market. If someone needs specific tasks doing, they can pay someone else to do them. These jobs can come in all forms, needing specific and tailored skill sets to be effective at them. However, there are some jobs out there that require some very unusual skill sets. Jobs that most people will struggle to believe exist. We did a bit of digging into these weird jobs, and have collated a top 10 list, in no apparent order, that we believe are the weirdest jobs around the world. 

1) Dog Surfing Instructor 

Surfing is a popular hobby to take part in if you live in a coastal region. A fairly tough sport to master, it can be incredibly fun and freeing for any who partake in it. But what if you wanted company on your board as you surfed? Luckily, there are certain professionals who can teach your own dog to surf with you! Aptly named Dog Surfing Instructors; these guys will take the time to get your dog comfortable on a surfboard, and make sure they keep balance whilst carving those waves. Very popular in parts of the USA; they even have dog surfing competitions to judge who’s the greatest dog at surfing (they all are in our eyes!). 

2) Passenger Pusher 

Japan is a country of efficiency. With many of their population opting to use public transportation, rather than using personal vehicles. However, when so many people need to use the public transportation at one time; things can get backed up and cause late arrivals. That’s where the Passenger Pushers come in. Although they might sound quite aggressive; their job is to make sure as many people can fit into the train carriage as possible. Utilised around rush hour, they’ll cram people through the entrances of the carriages, making sure the train is at full capacity. You’ll be surprised with how many people can fit into one carriage. It’s much like fitting your sleeping bag into its sack. It looks like it won’t fit, but after a bit of elbow grease, it fits snuggly. We just hope the passengers don’t mind having no personal space for a while! 

3) Wrinkle Chaser 

No this isn’t someone who’s going to chase your grandma down the street (though I’m sure she could use the exercise!). Rather this is someone who irons or presses out any wrinkles found in shoes. A job many people wouldn’t have considered existing, but makes sense considering the lack of wrinkling found in the majority of shoes. They would use specialist machines designed for various types of shoes. From loafers, to walking boots, and to high heels. The wrinkle chaser will make sure every shoe has a sleek and smooth finish.