9 Great Questions To Ask At The End Of Your Interview

9 Great Questions To Ask At The End Of Your Interview

9 great questions to ask at the end of your interview.Interviews are nerve wracking. Being asked questions is one thing but what about the dreaded ‘do you have any questions for us?’.
Although it often feels like you are auditioning for the role, it’s important to remember that an interview is a two way street and you want to know if this is a company you actually want to work for, here are 9 great questions to ask at the end of your interview.


To prepare for the inevitable, it’s worth writing a list of questions you can ask. Below is a list of 9 questions to get you started.

1- What could I do to prepare to for this role if I got it?

This is a great question that not only gives you some pointers for when you actually get the job, but also lets them know that you are truly keen for the job.


2- Do you think I’d fit into the company’s culture?

This is maybe a risky question, you wouldn’t want them to say no! Hopefully a ballsy approach will help you to stand out!


3 – Why has the role become available?

What you want to hear is that it’s become available because the last holder of this position has outgrown the role and moved on to bigger better things. You don’t want to hear that the stress of the job has caused a mental breakdown.


4 – What would a day in this role look like?


This is a great way to see what your job will actually be like. You will get some idea through the interview but it’s often the case that both sides oversell themselves. This question helps you get a clear idea of what your day to day would be like.


5 – Where could I be in 5 years if I took this role?


This question is a good way not only to see where you can progress your career but also to set a little seed in their head that you are committed to working with them long term.

6- Will there be chances to earn qualifications with this role?


Asking about your qualifications is another helpful way to see your career progression but also to remind them that you are prepared to learn and to work outside your role.


7- What will be the biggest challenges in this role?


This lets them know you are up for the challenge, it also gives you a good idea of what you should be preparing for.


8 – What is your favourite thing about working here?


Another great way to see if this is the right company for you. If your interviewer can’t think of something they love quickly, then maybe this isn’t the place for you.


9- What are the next steps from here?


Don’t just leave with a polite goodbye. This question re affirms that you want the job and also gives you some idea of how long you should wait to hear back. If you don’t hear back in the time, follow up with a polite phone call or email, and if you don’t get the job, always ask for feedback!


Remember that these are just ideas, the most important thing is to have natural flowing conversation and be yourself!

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