International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

international women's day

Today is International Women’s Day and we have taken the time in the office to reflect on the women that have inspired us. The range of people that have inspired us in the office is vast, from wives and mothers to women paving the way in technology.


Our Mums and Grandmothers

It would not be fair to start an article about inspirational women without acknowledging the women who raised us. Often we find ourselves frustrated by their lack of technological know how but we forget, they taught us how to use a spoon, speak our first words and take our first steps.


James Pickard, Business Development Manager, said his Gran inspired him in a “big way”, following his Granddad with unwavering commitment through his army postings. She travelled to Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon. She also supported James personally in his life and he lived with her for over a year. “She did a lot for me and my family and never wanted anything back. She was a proper hero.”


So to those mothers and grandmothers out there we salute you. We would not be working in tech if you had not kept us alive for the first 18 years of our lives (or 38 for some of us)!


Our wives and girlfriends

Some of us even work with our wives at imployable but they do so much more than working alongside us, they are our partners in life, mischief and laughter, they support in bringing up our children and ensuring that we remain sane while our tech startup launches.


Paul Vice, our Chief Sales Office, has had a pretty inspiring story and is an important part of the imployable story. Paul credits his wonderful wife, Tessa, in the support that she has offered him throughout a time of adversity. Not only has she held herself together, he acknowledges that she ensured that the kids have remained “normal” and “grounded” since his ordeal.


This is not to say that Paul hasn’t always found her inspiring, he said that while he was a Marine, she was bringing up all four children under the age of four on her own.


Our friends

As women, having a support network of friends that you can have a glass of wine/ coffee with, is vital. Not only do these women listen, they are there to laugh, cry and celebrate with us. Cheers ladies!


Denise Underhill, our Project Manager, plays hockey every Saturday and the group of inspirational women that she plays with often go unacknowledged, the team in a year has experienced highs of birth and marriage, and lows of death, cancer and a terrible season on the pitch. Despite this, they continue to play together and inspire each other to just get through the game each Saturday!



You don’t need to look too far back in history to find women who have paved the way for those of us today and solidified International Women’s Day in to a celebration.


Elliot Young, our Account Manager, was inspired by Rosa Parks known for the Montgomery Bus Boycott and Margaret Hamilton an American computer scientist who coined the term “software engineering.”


Elliot feels that both women have carved out a future for others, one feeding a movement to resist racial segregation and the other leading the development of on-board flight software for NASA’s Apollo Moon missions. Both women, standing up for what they believe and forging the way for others.


Lorna Gaskin, our Marketing Executive, could not help but notice it is the 100 year anniversary of a very inspirational politician Nancy Astor. Nancy was the first women to take her seat in parliament and Lorna admires not only what she achieved in a mans world but also her quick wit and noted exchanges with Winston Churchill. Churchill allegedly told Lady Astor that having a woman in Parliament was like having one intrude on him in the bathroom, to which she retorted, “You’re not handsome enough to have such fears.”


It will come as no surprise, that Peter Kelly, our CEO found an inspirational women in a Royal Marine. Hannah Snell, is renowned in the marines for “having balls” despite not being a man. Society dictated that she was not allowed to be a soldier but after her husband deserted her she disguised herself as a man and signed up. This took her on an adventure of a lifetime and it was a while before she was discovered!


Ladies, we doff our proverbial hat at you all!



Women have made a number of movements into Senior positions in tech and Kieron Yeoman, our Operational Director, surprised us all with his knowledge of Victoria Alonso. You would be forgiven for not knowing her by name but we can guarantee that you would have seen some of her movies. Ms Alonso, has notably produced some of the big Visual Effects (VFX) movies in recent years such as Iron Man and is now Marvel Studios’ executive vice president of physical production.


Throughout the ages, various women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, have been fighting an uphill battle for an equal footing with men. Although one day doesn’t do it justice for all the trials and accomplishments women have achieved, it’s good to reflect on on what women have achieved for society, and to learn from our history, so we can push forward to a society that treats all with respect. We here at imployable are proud to of our varied workforce, and we strive to generate roles for everyone in tech regardless of gender. Happy International Women’s Day.


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