Making Impact – Anna’s Business Administration Apprenticeship Story

Making Impact – Anna’s Business Administration Apprenticeship Story

At imployable we hire for potential not for your qualifications. This means that lots of us are working through apprenticeships or other qualifications while we work. Anna is our Office Manager and she is currently completing a business administration apprenticeship which she will obtain a Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration.

The work Anna does here is not what you might expect from an apprentice. She certainly isn’t doing the tea run! The work she does makes a real impact on both the company and those of us who work here.

So, read on to find out a little more about Anna’s business administration apprenticeship…



Can you tell us a little about your business administration apprenticeship?  


I am studying a Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration. There are 8 units in total to cover, one of which I was allowed to choose over a range of different subjects that are relevant to the business sector, I chose HR as this is the career path in which I want to follow. The apprenticeship is aimed to be 18 months long, I am due to finish mine by August 2020. My tutor visits me monthly to check my progress, give advice, set new tasks and complete observations of me working.


Why did you decide to do a business administration apprenticeship, instead of going to university?   

I was already employed before I started my apprenticeship, it was imployable that introduced me to the possibility of starting an apprenticeship. This really worked for me as I liked the idea of learning whilst on the job. In my earlier years spent in education I was never interested in going to university. 


What has been your biggest challenge during your apprenticeship?  

My biggest challenge has been just generally teaching myself how to learn again. I’ve been out of education for 16 years and I have certainly noticed that I can’t take in and retain information like I used to.  


What has been the biggest highlight of your apprenticeship?  


Every time I hand in a piece of work and it is marked and accepted, I can see my overall progress and know that I am a step closer to the finish line and gaining a new qualification. 


What kind of tasks have you completed / do you complete daily?  


  • I work with our in-house finance department to request bank payments to be made for services, supplies etc. I also gather invoices and receipts for accounts to be processed 
  • Track money spent in the office and HR departments and track employee mileage and expenses using spreadsheets 
  • Forward staff expenses to our external Payroll company to add to employee salaries, on receipt of payroll reports I distribute pay slips 
  • Deliver weekly meetings with the imployable team, I also write up and send out the meeting minutes for HoD’s meetings I attend 
  • Arrange travel and accommodation for colleagues attending events and meetings 
  • Manage absence and annual leave requests 
  • Send invoices and payment reminders to customers  
  • Answer telephone calls and transfer to relevant departments 


How have you found your apprenticeship in general/so far?  


Overall good, I like the flexibility it provides but also knowing that I have a tutor on hand for support at any time and that I get a visit from him every month his very re-assuring, it keeps me on my toes and up to date with my work and units.   


What is it like working for imployable? What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned working here?  


imployable is a great company to work for It has been challenging as I started here in the company’s early days and have built up processes and everyday office management from scratch. They have given me amazing opportunities and I have learned so much. 

The biggest lesson I have learned specifically within in a start-up company is that there are regular changes, objectives can change, and you always need to be ready to adapt to and embrace them.  


What do you hope to be doing in five years’ time?  


In 5 years’ time I hope to be a HR Manager, here or wherever my career takes me. Having said that I am also working towards a separate qualification in HR, I guess until I finish this course and get more into it, I will not truly know if it’s right for me. I definitely do not see myself having my own business again as I did previous to working here but I believe I will stay working in an office environment.   


Would you recommend the apprenticeship scheme to anyone else? Do you have any advice for people looking to do an apprenticeship?  


Absolutely, I have found it to be a really great way to learn. Its specifically good if you don’t like to or you’re not very good at writing assignments. I think academically for children in Secondary School it is a great career path as the opportunities on completion are great. My son is 13 and I have advised him to do an apprenticeship when the time comes. 



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