Making Waves – Finn’s Apprenticeship Story

Making Waves – Finn’s Apprenticeship Story

Finn joined us in August of last year after finishing his cyber apprenticeship with Bluescreen IT. Finn walked into our office and asked for a job, and we were so impressed with his confidence that we gave him one! Finn has made huge waves in the way we work here, and works every day to keep our users and their data safe. Finn may have finished his apprenticeship now, but he’s the perfect example of the career progression after finishing your education.

  Can you tell us a little about your apprenticeship?


I started in 2017 at Bluescreen IT as an apprentice infrastructure technician/cybersecurity analyst and finished my apprenticeship in 2019. During my time there I got great experience working in a Security Operations Centre all whilst getting qualifications to help setup my future.


Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship, instead of going to university?


I decided to do an apprenticeship instead of going into college or university because I never enjoyed the atmosphere of classrooms or school and wanted to start working straight away, but I did still want to further my education, so an apprenticeship let me do both!


What was your biggest challenge during your apprenticeship?


The biggest challenge during my apprenticeship was working during the times whilst my mates had holidays like during the summer, but reflecting back it definitely helps get you in the right mind-set for the working world.


What was been the biggest highlight of your cyber apprenticeship?


I think the biggest highlight of my apprenticeship was the knowledge I gained by being in a work environment that you just can’t get by sitting in a classroom.


How did you find your apprenticeship in general?


In general, I really enjoyed my cyber apprenticeship there was obviously good and bad days like any path you choose in life but overall it was a great experience.


How did your apprenticeship lead you to your current role?


My apprenticeship helped lead me into my current role by giving me the knowledge and skills I needed and by opening my eyes to what career paths I can go down.


What is it like working for imployable? What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned working here?


Working for imployable is great it’s been awesome to be part of a start-up and such a great place to learn more, I’d say the biggest lesson I’ve learnt is managing my own workload and not doing too much at once.


What do you hope to be doing in five years’ time?


In five years’ time I hope to be healthy, more qualified and to have progressed further in my career at imployable.


Would you recommend the apprenticeship scheme to anyone else?


I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship scheme to others especially people like me who just want to start working straight away.

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