New Year, New Career?

New Year, New Career?

We all know the old ‘new year, new me’ that inspires everyone and is then promptly forgotten by February. We all commit to be healthier, to take up a new hobby or to spend less money but few of us make real plans on how to do this. However, if this year if you feel that your ‘new me’ might be a new career then we have some tips to get there.   


Steps to get into a new role 


Identify your next move 


People often ask, ‘What would you be doing now if money was no object?’ in an attempt to help you find your dream career. This is often not the most helpful question especially if the answer is ‘laying on a beach drinking a mojito’. If your answer is more like ‘helping people’ or ‘making pottery’ that may be a more useful insight into the kind of work you may want to do. 

If this doesn’t help you then there are many career quizzes online (imployable will be introducing free i3 profiling this year!) which may give you more insight into the kind of career your personality fits into. This Sparktype test can help to show you what inspires you 


Map your journey there 


Once you have some idea of where you’re best suited or where your passion lies you can start to explore the kind of job that you want to do. Within the imployable app there is the ‘Industry Insights’ section which provides insights (funnily enough) into the different jobs within each industry. For example if you’ve decided that your passion lies in animals, you can explore jobs from dog groomer to vet.

Each of these careers listed will have a job description, some have videos to show a day in the life and they will all explain to you the qualifications and experience you need to gain for this role. 

You can do your own research outside of the app and find the qualifications you need to complete on Google or by talking to people you know who already work in the kind of role your seeking. 

Once you’ve identified the role, you need to map your journey there. The gaps you’re missing will be the first and easiest step in your planning.  


Upskill yourself 


Once you have these you can start to plan how you will find fill these gaps. This may be by signing up to a college course (or an online one), finding work experience such as volunteering or an entry level role that you can work your way through. 

If you find your gaps through imployable, you’ll be able to click on them and if the course exists within the app it will redirect you to the application page. 




Once you’ve identified your career, mapped your path there and started to execute your plan, you’ll need to start preparing for the job search. 

You may well find that if you pull the experience you have from previous roles this may well be transferable to your new career. Take some time to pull your CV apart, identify all your key skills and work out how these could be transferred.  

For your cover letter it is worth discussing why you’re changing career paths, let your passion show. Make sure you tailor your cover letter for every single job, an impersonal cover letter is far less exciting to an employer than ones where they can see you’ve written it specifically for them. 

Finally prepare yourself for interviews. Interviewers are going to ask questions about your choice to career transition and you need to show them that you’ve done it for the right reasons and show how you’ve worked to get there. If you need any help with interview questions you can click here!


Start your job search 


You’ve finally come to the end of your journey and it’s time to start to apply for your dream job. 

This may take some time, transitioning career is a lot of work and dedication and its unlikely you’ll go straight into the perfect job, but no matter what you’ve taken hugely positive steps to make your working life more enjoyable and fulfilling. 

It’s never too late to realise you’re not in the right role, good luck!! 


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