Our Story

Our Story

Our story started when Peter Kelly left the Marines in 2015 after 10 years of service. As with all veterans he left the forces with a wide range of skills and experience, and yet none of it seemed to transfer to civilian life. 


Over the next 9 months Peter remained unemployed, he grew more and more frustrated with a recruitment system that clearly wasn’t set up to help people into work. 


During this time, Peter met up with fellow  former Marine, Kieron Yeoman, who was running a business coaching unemployable people back into meaningful employment. Between the two of them they realised their shared passion for fixing a flawed recruitment system and helping as many people as possible to lead happy, productive lives. 


Over the next two years Peter and Kieron spent their time sat around the kitchen table researching, brainstorming and sketching. They wanted to discover exactly what was causing the system to fail so many people.  Whilst the app started with a focus on getting veterans into work it became clear that they were not the only people struggling with unemployment.  


They wanted to create a process that was fair to both employer and employee, where everyone, regardless of the barriers that they face,  have a fair chance to find a job they love. 


So imployable was born. From years of planning and drawing app interfaces around the kitchen table to an office with 10 full time staff the app has come a long way. The team now includes Paul Vice MC, our COO, who was blown up in Afghanistan and almost died (he was the most wounded soldier to survive Afghanistan).  Paul finished the 2016 Invictus Games with 7 medals making him the most successful Invictus athlete and now drives for Jaguar Invictus Games Racing. We also have James Pickard, a PGA golf pro as our business development manager and Marina Leadbetter on board as our sales director. We’ve built a team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff who all truly believe in our company missions. 



While other jobs boards only focus on getting CV’s to employers,we employ a more holistic approach. Users can see how their qualifications and experience compare to any job by a percentage match. This is not where the app leaves users, once they see gaps in their CV they will be able to search for the training and work experience they need, all within the app. This makes imployable a one stop destination for the entire career journey from school to retirement. 

Every part of the app and the business focuses on finding where a person fits. The mission is “to revolutionise an industry by creating a system that improves efficiency, cuts the cost of recruitment and gives equal opportunity to people searching for jobs and careers”. 


In the last year Peter and Kieron have won the Natwest ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ award as well as being nominated for the Plymouth business awards ‘startup of the year’. The app is now live in both Google and Apple app stores . Since March there have been 10,000 downloads from people searching for an alternative to the normal job searching platforms and over 100 businesses have signed up to use the app, including Sir Robert Mc’Alpine, Boots, Timpsons and Sodexo. 


We want to change the way people approach employment and create a world where everyone gets a chance for meaningful employment. 

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