Pirkx Partnership Announcement

Pirkx Partnership Announcement

Pirkx Partnership – Employee Benefits for everyone


Imployable love disruptive start ups which is why it makes complete sense to partner with Pirkx. As you know, Imployable is a user centric app and everything we do is to benefit and support our users through career transition and management. The reason we love pirkx is because they too have recognised the importance of a benefits package for not only employees but every single individual who wants to strive in their professional life.


Some of our team met some of the team at Pirkx when they came to visit our Job Seekers Tavern back in November 2019.



Pirkx provide employee discounts to everyone – employed, self employed and contractors with a wide range of benefits including cashback, discounts and incentives to help take care of your mental health, financial and social wellbeing. One in Four people in the general population are likely to be suffering from a mental health condition, so taking care of our users well being and implementing partnerships to help our users if very important to us.


Providing valuable benefits for you and your family is a great way to stay healthy and happy and helps to encourage a positive environment to live and work in as well.


Every single user on our imployable App has access to pirkx from just £4.50 a month where you have access to the following benefits:


  • 24/7, 365 days a year telephone access to a GP and online face to face access to a GP during daytime and evening hours
  • 24/7, 365 days a year access to BACP registered counsellor
  • Over 2,500 discounts and cashback offers from major high street and online retailers
  • Cashback with major supermarkets
  • Discounted entertainment, including all major cinemas, days out and restaurants
  • Discounted gym membership and access to virtual gym classes
  • Discounted travel for flights, holidays, insurance and foreign currency
  • A host of wellbeing pages offering holistic, financial and long‐term care advice
  • Free eye tests for each member and their family
  • A monthly lottery to win up to £3,000
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