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Career Management

Managing a contract with several people can be difficult, with that in mind we have designed imployable Cohort to take the pain out of managing people you support. Simply add your cohort to the dashboard and unlock powerful features such as messaging, direct notifications, job matching, profile and CV reviewing and analytics on their skills and qualifications. Our award winning imployable app is designed to help people develop themselves, identify careers, get video coaching and access to support as well as live job and training searches. When you induct your cohort, they are automatically sent the app in just a few clicks. As your cohortians build their digital CV and start using the app, you can access valuable intelligence on their skills, qualifications, work history as well as how they are using the app, jobs they are applying for and extra coaching videos they are watching. You can see who is engaged and who needs some extra support. You can also gain insight in to the areas which your cohorts focus most of their time and energy on, allowing you to tailor your support accordingly