A Life After Education

Making the jump from education on to the career ladder with Imployable

You thought education was hard, the jump in to employment can be even harder. Your qualifications mean you are qualified but more often than not there is a severe lack of experience and it is up to you to go and get it.

It is important at this stage not to set your expectations too high else you will end up being part of a statistic of unemployment, you will need to look at entry level jobs that will help you get on the ladder and allow you to start building your way up through experience.

  • 11 16-24 Year olds Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET)
  • 49 Recent graduates working in non-graduate roles
  • 50,800 Average student loan debt a graduate will have (£)

It's Tough Out There

You need a solid plan to succeed

Imployable has been designed as a tool that can be used by all job and career seekers, from education leavers to military leavers, career transitions to disabled adults and everything in between.

The difference for each user group is the work undertaken behind the scenes by our team. We are working closely with departments in all sectors to educate our users in the best way to use the app for maximum benefit dependant on their situation.

The Impact We Want

Our three pronged attack agains unemployment in the future


Our goal is to inform and guide school students early, we want to make it easily accessible for school students to get information about careers available to them as well as access to part time job opportunities.

By arming students with this information we hope to guide them to making the correct decisions about what courses they need to do at college/A level and how they can start mapping their way in to their career early.

Higher Education

We want college and A level students to start thinking seriously about life after education. This is the stage where young adults will make their most important decisions, to enter the job market or go on to university.

By encouraging young adults to start thinking early about their decisions we hope to help them start gaining relevant experience and making conscious choices about graduate courses. We want to inspire them to achieve.


University is fun, no doubt, but it is also extremely important that the time is put in to developing yourself correctly. Many entry level jobs require some form of experience and during university you can get it.

We want to give all university students access to opportunities that help build their personal profile and give them exposure to the job market. The right opportunities will give you experience to enter entry level positions after uni.

Need Some Help?

A world of support at your fingertips

There is a wide range of support and networks available to Veterans and transitioning who need support.

You can find all the support you need in the app, but here are some of them to get you started should you need it quick.