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An Employment Platform for your Career Programme

Employment and Up-Skilling Platform for both you and your Students


Our imployable app allows students to identify, map and track their way into meaningful careers, whilst imployable's easy to use platform 'Cohort' empowers career leaders to effectively track and manage their students career progression.

For your students, the journey to a meaningful career starts with imployable. imployable Cohort is a platform that allows career departments to track and manage the progress of their student’s career journey. At the heart of the platform is the imployable App which gives students control by identifying, mapping and tracking their way into a fulfilling career. Students can build a CV within the imployable app, which they can also export as a PDF and share directly with their Career Leaders or any potential employers or work placements. The app is packed full of career features such as industry insights, personality profiling, coaching videos, company and university profiles, apprenticeship and training opportunities, jobs and so much more! The app is free to download from both iOS and Google Play stores.

Given imployable's ecosystem of full coverage across the employment process on top of an extensive (and expandable) support section, we are able to support you and your students with all your career and employment needs.