Find volunteers through imployable and help them gain valuable experience

Here's What We Do Better

Sign up
Register on our portal and take a look around, look at some of the case studies and when you are ready signup to the training package.
Add Opportunities
Using the portal, add your volunteer opportunities including duration, days available, location and description.
On the App
Once you publish your course it will be live on the app, students needing your qualifications will be shown your opportunity.
Speak to Volunteers
Answer questions and respond to volunteers in the app, allowing you to keep track of your enquiries through Imployable.
Manage Opportunities
You can create, update and manage your opportunities quickly and easily in your own secure dashboard area of the web portal.
In the dashboard you can view analytics including, views, impressions, and favourited metrics that help you make important decisions.


There is a way to find and engage younger people in volunteering and it’s all centred around what they get out of it. Every voluntary opportunity you offer comes with valuable work experience that is often not realised by people.

We can track the experience gained through volunteering and help our app users gain experience to build their personal profile. All you have to do is upload your experience opportunities and we will point our app users to you.

Experience is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in to employment with more than half of job seekers claiming to have had problems. With people finding it increasingly hard to find experience it’s easy to see the appeal with volunteering.

Use Imployable to get access to people of all ages looking to gain experience to become more employable, your volunteer opportunity will be shown to our app users that are looking for skills that can be gained through volunteering for you.

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There are many organisations that rely on volunteers to keep their organisations running and services delivering, the cost involved in finding volunteers can be huge when you take in to consideration advertising, marketing and human resources.

Imployable allows you to post your volunteer opportunities directly to the app, our users that are looking for work experience will see your opportunities, how it will improve their employability and allow them to apply or express an interest directly on the app.

The best thing, imployable is smart enough to calculate the work experience gained whilst volunteering, all you need to do is give the experience a job title, we handle the rest.

We show our app users that need the specific work experience the position you have on offer. This means it’s not really about you having to find volunteers… they will find you.