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Turning a New Leaf

Ex-offender Employment Support

imployable Coach empowers individuals to move forward and take control of their future. Coach helps them to recognise their skills, talent and natural gifts enabling positive steps to future employment.

Learning One Step at a Time

Coaching in Prisons

imployable Coach is unique through our network of diverse coaches who use their transferable skills to encourage change and draw out talent in order to help shape individual futures. Their empathy teamed with an open and honest approach challenges people to enable change in their lives and present an achievable role model to the individuals that we work with.


Helping ex-offenders to understand the current market, where they fit and move them towards a meaningful and gainful resettlement process.


Engaging with ex-offenders to provide them with guidance on how their current academic status can impact on their career development and how this can affect their life goals.


Supporting individuals affected by mental health, giving them the tools to help them identify cycles of negativity, the root causes, how those cycles can affect them and ways to break that cycle.


We work with the MOJ to develop their ideas, implement strategies, accelerate change and support their solutions to employment, skills, leaning and economic development.

imployable's coach Chris' career coaching services helped Tracey identify suitable career options, develop a targeted job search strategy, and improve her interview skills. As a result of their work together Tracey was able to secure a temp job working for 2 councils, which she intends to turn into a permanent position.



Thanks to Nicki's coaching and guidance, Anastasia was able to secure agency work whilst completing her coaching course. She continues to use a monthly calendar to organise her time and has set reminders to re-evaluate her career goals and maintain a healthy work-life balance. With the support of imployable, Anastasia is well on her way to achieving her long-term career aspirations.



imployable's career coaching services in partnership with Maximus UK Restart programme, helped Zachery identify suitable career options, develop a targeted job search strategy and improve his interview skills. With imployable's help Zachery gained a secure and sustainable job with Cancer Research UK in Ilford.



Career Opportunites

Reshaping Lives in Prison Career Fairs

As an equal opportunities organisation, we are dedicated to rehabilitating former inmates, and this includes making an impact at prison career fairs. Our attendance at these events offer advice, resources, and connections to individuals eager to reintegrate back into society. imployable's commitment to creating opportunities challenges stereotypes and provides a path to redemption for those once deemed 'unemployable." By participating in prison career fairs, we are demonstrating that with the right support, everyone can rewrite their story and build a brighter future.

How Our Platforms Help

Probation & Ex-Offender Support

imployable provides an ecosystem of employment that benefits ex-offenders, and organisations looking to support their employees themselves.

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Empowering individuals, organisations and government departments to boost employability, increase skills and access intelligence to make informed decisions.

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The imployable Connect platform plugs directly into our app allowing organisations to promote their opportunities to imployable’s diverse and high quality talent pool.

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Manage your cohort of learners for increased efficiency and output to jobs, alongside live data intelligence to strengthen and future proof your institution.

imployable is a member of ERSA, which is the membership body for the employment support sector