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Meet The Most Advanced Employment App In The World. Imployable Is Changing The Way You Gain Meaningful Employment.

Personality Profiling

Taking the innovative in-app personality profiling allows you to see how well you fit personally compared to job opportunities.

Online CV

Build your online profile and update as you gain qualifications and experience. You export your profile as a ready to send CV.

Search Jobs

Search for jobs that match your qualifications, experience and personality fit. Apply for job opportunities and training in the app.

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Do You Match

Want that job? Our app will tell you how qualified and experienced you are compared to the requirements.

Get Qualified

Don’t meet the requirements, don’t worry. Our app will show you where you can get the qualifications you need for the job.

Gain Experience

The biggest blocker to employment is experience, if you don’t have it we will show you opportunities where you can get it.

App Screens

App Features

Over a year of research and development has allowed us to create the most comprehensive all round employment app for job seekers.

Where Do You Fit

It is no surprise that over 1/3 of all employees in the UK are unhappy with their current career choice, it’s hard to know what you want to do let alone if the job you want fits your personality.

Imployable is an employment app that allows all of our users to undertake the groundbreaking i3 personality profiling, once done we can show you how your personality fits with different job types, if you are not sure what you want to do we can recommend jobs that fit your personality.

Get Qualified

There will be times when you read a job description and think ‘thats where I want to be’, the problem is, what if you are not qualified for that job? Well do not fear, imployable is here!

When looking at a job opportunity Imployable will tell you how qualified you are for the position, if you are missing the qualifications needed to apply then the app will tell you what you are missing and where you can get it, whats more you can apply for them in the app.

Need Experience

The ever illusive experience.. The stumbling block in employment for so many job seekers is experience, what is it and how do you get it? Well we have that covered too would you believe.

The team at Imployable have spent the last year researching how to best handle experience and we now have an algorithm that makes it as fair for the employee as it is for the employer. If you are lacking in experience, we will show you. Whats more, we can show you where and how you can get the experience to reach entry level job requirements.

Advanced Signup - Get The App First

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