Looking for a new job or career change

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Got the itch, first thing to do is download the Imployable app. At this stage you can just browse the types of industries and jobs that are open to you, find some you like and add them to favourites and research.
Once you have identified some industries and jobs you like it's time to invest some time in to building your profile on the app, be as specific as you can and take plenty of time. At this point you can also do the i3 personality profiling.
Now your profile is complete you can start looking at how you fit, the app will now show you how qualified and experienced you are for the jobs you want and where you can get the quals and experience you need.
Look at live jobs in the app to see what is out there and how you match, look at the qualifications and experience needed and use Imployable to get access to the things you need to have the best chance of transition.
Changing careers is not easy, it requires a lot of time and possibly money but it's not forever, always remember the end goal. Use any spare time you have to undertake relevant voluntary positions to gain experience.
Once you have put in the prep work it may be time to take the leap, it's scary and exciting but if you put the work in you should have every chance to succeed. Use the app to find and apply for live job opportunities.


It’s no secret that over 30% of people in the UK are unhappy in their career and want a new job. The prospect of career change is a tough one, how long will it take, how much will it cost, will I end up unemployed? Some people know they are in the wrong career and want a new job, others don’t quite know where they fit.

This is no reason to be unhappy, you may look back in years to come and wish you had made the jump for a better overall quality of life. Let’s not mention the mental health issues involved around stress and unhappiness in the workplace.

With the work we are doing with education we hope that career transitions become rare, but until our work is done we want to facilitate the identification and execution of career transitions. Nobody should be unhappy in their work and nobody should suffer because of it. People will always want change and a new job, but if the new job is in the same industry things are a lot simpler.

Imployable gives you access to a huge range of potential careers, we show you industries and jobs and how your qualifications and experience matches in comparison to the entry level positions, if you take the i3 profiling we also show you how you fit personally in the industry. This provides the foundations for your career change and highlights what you need to have the best chance of a career change.

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Career change is not easy, for some it might be quick but for others it might take a long time and a lot of investment. It’s a small price to pay for a happy working life. Although we cannot guarantee that your career change will be successful, we have built a platform to offer clarity and the foundations for you to develop yourself and move to a place you are truly happy.

Imployable is designed to be a digital tool for you to best assess your current level, jobs that suit you and some direction in how you can break in to a new career and give you access to opportunities.