Here's What We Do Better

First on the list is download the Imployable app. Spend time building your profile, add qualifications and previous employment and undertake the in app i3 personality profiling, this is your digital CV.
Use the app to look at current opportunities you may be interested in, see how your qualifications and experience match and start saving jobs that really interest you, if you meet the requirements go and apply.
If you are registered with the JobCentre, on your next visit show your advisors the types of jobs you are looking at, if you need qualifications then now is a good time to ask about your entitlement to funded courses.
Once you have a clear idea of the jobs you want, spend a bit of time getting relevant experience, through the app you can find opportunities to gain experience and it shouldn't affect your allowance entitlement.
If you require courses and qualifications to get the job you want, talk to your JobCentre advisors about government funded qualifications or help available to you. It is better to be proactive when looking at qualifications.
You're building your profile constantly and now it is time to apply for jobs, use the app to look for live job opportunities in your area. Also take the time to look at the helpful videos in the coaching suite within the app.


Being unemployed can be a very frustrating and stressful position to find yourself in. The key to successfully getting a job is to have a plan, build your profile and get seen by employers for the skills you have, frantic CV sending does not always work.

Being unemployed is a full time job, CV writing is actually extremely hard, and what makes it harder is the process of CV sifting and short-listing well used today, especially keyword algorithms and short-listing criteria. Certain areas of the Recruitment industry are so inefficient and crowded that you get lost, especially if you are low profit to agencies.

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Not just another job finder app!

An app for you

Imployable is completely changing the game to benefit job seekers. At the moment the recruitment industry cares about profits, placing people that are worth lots of money. Not all, but most agencies don’t really care about you until you get to the level that means they can place you at a profit. So how do you know, with very little feedback, where you need to strengthen your profile to become more employable.

Our job finder app has been designed to give you maximum benefit, a lifelong tool that helps you to understand where you fit, to know how your skills and qualifications match compared to jobs and where you need to spend time on improvements. Our app shows you what qualifications or experience you need and gives you access to opportunities to get them.

There is lot happening in the UK at the moment, brexit is causing uncertainty, will there be more jobs, will there be less? But one thing for sure, we are about to enter in to a skills crisis in the UK, believe it or not this gives great opportunity to job seekers and people who are unemployed. Use the skills gap that is developing to take advantage of some of the government funded schemes available, from new jobs to paid adult apprenticeships there is opportunity.

With over 1.4m people unemployed and seeking in the UK it is important to be proactive, develop yourself, your plan and put yourself above the competition. Use the time, support, our app and the opportunity to gain meaningful, long term employment.