Thinking of Transitioning?

Now is the time to download Imployable and start identifying your future career

If you are thinking about leaving the service or already have your ‘chit’ in it’s time to start thinking about your next career. It is important that you understand the transition and how you can best prepare yourself for life outside.

The time you have from putting in your notice to the day you leave is the most important, you may or may not know what you want to do in civvy street but you need to have a plan to gain the qualifications and get relevant industry experience and of course, look for a job.

Imployable is designed to aid in military transition and provide support to ex-forces in gaining access to opportunities for employment, and the great news is the Imployable app is FREE!!

  • 21 Military leavers unemployed after 6 months
  • 76 DON'T use their ELC entitlement
  • 120,000 Veterans unemployed

The Road to Civvy Street

This is the ideal plan to leaving the armed forces

  • 1

    Download Imployable

    Got the itch, first thing to do is download the Imployable app. At this stage you can just browse the types of industries and jobs that are open to you when you leave, find some you like and add them to favourites.

  • 2

    Go a bit deeper

    Once you have identified some industries and jobs you like it's time to invest some time in to building your profile on the app, be as specific as you can and take plenty of time. At this point you can also do the i3 personality profiling.

  • 3

    See how you fit

    Now your profile is complete you can start looking at how you fit, the app will now show you how qualified and experienced you are for the jobs you want and where you can get the quals and experience you need.

  • 4

    See Resettlement Staff

    The good news is you know what you want to do and what you need to get there, the bad news is there may be work to be done. It's time to start speaking to the resettlement team about your ELC entitlements.

  • 5

    Book The Courses

    It's good to book courses to enhance your skills, USE your ELC to enhance your profile. Even if you are qualified for the job you want, it's a good time to start thinking about career progression in civvy street.

  • 6

    Quals Source, What Next?

    Now you have identified and hopefully booked your courses it's time to start looking at experience. Use the app to find relevant volunteer opportunities that will get you some commercial experience to enhance your CV.

  • 7

    Update Your Profile

    Once you have completed your qualifications and some experience opportunities you need to update it on your profile. Once you have updated your profile take another look at your shortlisted jobs and see how you match.

  • 8

    Use Resettlement Leave

    Not for a holiday (well not all of it), use it to get your foot in the door with relevant businesses, get some face time, some free experience and show your worth. Experience opportunities may turn into a job.

  • 9

    Apply For Jobs

    Try not to apply for jobs too early before your leave date, if you get the job and you don't get early release you may miss out. When ready, use the app to search and apply for live jobs within the app... Good luck!

Imployable and Ex-Forces

Using Imployable after you leave the forces, it’s pretty much the same!

Imployable has been specifically designed to be used by all walks of life, not just the military. This means if you have already left the forces, Imployable will be an ‘app for life’ for career progression for ex-forces and career seekers alike.

Whether you are looking to break in to a new industry, climb the ladder or you are unemployed and looking for a job then use Imployable as a digital tool to help you identify, map and track your way there. Be sure to keep your profile updated, re-take the i3 profiling and keep looking for jobs and career progression opportunities and map how you fit compared to the next rung of the ladder.

Need Some Help?

A world of support at your fingertips

There is a wide range of support and networks available to ex-forces and military leavers who need support.

You can find all the support you need in the app, but here are some of them to get you started should you need it quick.