Any business that deals with a large selection of people, for any kind of service, will know how important organisation and analytics are. You can easily keep track of these people within databases, but how do you effectively organise that, and pick out exactly what you need at any given point? Not to mention the various categories these people will fall under, that may overlap with one another. What’s the best way to split up these data sets using many different factors? The answer to that is called cohort management, and it is vital for both your organisation, and the cohorts in question. 

Why use cohort management?

So why would you want to use cohort management in the first place? No matter what your database is based around; there will always be certain factors that differentiate one singular person from another. So, it’s best to divide out categories within these databases. 

For example, say you’re a training organisation and you have a cohort of 100 learners to train and support through to employment. Each learner will need to be effectively and efficiently managed through to the end of the course; with evidence of outcomes and learning along the way. Having the cohort system allows the training organisation to see their individual qualifications and skills. Yet it also shows them as a collective and how they fit to an employment opportunity. This is what a cohort management system is all about, as well as a platform to share resources and message individually or all at once.  

When trying to take into account all of these elements, things can get messy within a database. That’s when you need another tool to sort through all these factors in an easily digestible way. 

Who should use cohort management

The example provided before doesn’t just apply to training providers, but can be utilised in any databases for a group of people, such as: universitiescolleges, recruitment companies, local councils, etc. The list is endless. But we believe this has so much untapped potential for other organisations to take advantage of. 

Here at imployable, our training division deals with thousands of learners each month. But keeping track of all of these individuals is a mammoth task. We were very lucky to receive an Innovate UK grant to build technology to help us see our individual cohorts, and help these learners progress through to employment. The technology is called Visum Cohort.  

imployable Cohort

imployable Cohort is a nifty piece of technology that essentially allows an organisation to track and manage its own cohort of learners… but how? 

Through our career management app. We built this technology within our already up and running app, so its ease of access means anyone can use it. Each member of the cohort is sent a link to sign up to the imployable app. The organisation can then support the ‘cohortian’ with their learning; through sharing resources, sending them notifications, and direct messaging them. The technology also shows the organisation skills, qualification and experience-based data on their cohort; to help the organisation make informed and strategic decisions to further their business and support their learners 

After some digging; we surprisingly found nothing on the market that delivered this type of service. So we decided to build it ourselves. We’re able to license it out to any training providers; education establishments; councils; and contract providers who need a piece of efficient technology to track, manage, and analyse their cohort’s progress. We truly believe this will allow many organisations to really push the boundaries when helping their individual usersWe’ve launched this platform in the beta version, so if this is something you believe your organisation can benefit from, and you would like a demo of it. Then be sure to give us an email at and we’ll go from there! 

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