Collaboration is the future

We are always on the lookout for partners to help us achieve our goals and help people get fulfilment by their careers

Our Partners

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We are constantly looking for companies, social enterprises and businesses that we can partner with to help deliver maximum impact to people all over the country. If you have an idea of a partnership we would love to hear about it.

We have a range of partnerships here at imployable, from posting company employment, training and experience opportunities to helping organisations support their own networks and staff with career exploration, access to support, access to training and a more in depth career support through our app.

Partnerships have to be mutually beneficial to work, we want to support as many people and organisations as possible, hence why the app and posting opportunities is completely free. Everything we do has to impact positively on our app users.

If you think there is scope for partnering with imployable simply fill out the contact form below and one of our partnership team would love to chat about it. If you have another query please use the contact for here

Working in partnership with BP

One of our crowning partnerships is with BP, together we are working on important employer branding to attract motivated, driven talent to join one of the biggest companies in the world. BP have a ground breaking management training programme, supporting, nurturing and developing their next leaders. Working with imployable, we created joint videos showcasing their programme which will be sent to employees across their organisation but also shown in the imployable app to engage and attract people to this great company. Have a partnership idea for you own organisation? Get in touch with the team and together lets make the world a better place for individuals and organisations across the world.

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