We want to make the whole hiring process easy, efficient and cost effective, we have unrivalled services that give you the power to find employees, volunteers and course students that fit with NO HIDDEN FEES. It’s recruitment made easy!!

Our online portal allows you to completely manage the whole online recruiting process. From posting opportunities on the app to getting confirmation of candidates attending interview and everything in between.
Easily communicate with shortlisted candidates through the web portal, your messages will be delivered directly to the candidates app. Don't worry, candidates can only initiate a message you when they have been invited to interview.
Set your requirements for the job and the parameters that allow application (i.e candidates that are at least qualified), this means the applications you get will be only from those that meet the requirements of the opportunity.
For our full service package we can add i3 profiling for your organisation. We personality profile our users and show them how they fit in industries, we can profile your business so people know how they fit in your organisation.
Our platform is not just about jobs, you can post all types of opportunities including apprenticeships, traineeships, internships, volunteer positions, qualifications and training courses and of course job opportunities.
We give our users the option to upload CV cover videos to attach to their application, in addition we have an in app coaching suite to give the best advice on how they can create a cover video that is professional and effective.
Once you have posted your opportunity you get access to the TalentTool which will show you all of our users who meet your opportunity requirements, you can select and send a notification to your selected users to view and apply.
If you want you can build your business profile to be shown in the app, our users will be able to see your profile, videos and pictures and get a good feel for your company, selling your company to potential candidates and boosting applications.

How It Works

There is a better way to find employees. Our platform, tied to our user app gives you access to more suitable candidates that meet your needs all whilst saving you money.

Post Opportunity
Login to your online area and upload your job, experience or qualification opportunity. We will be soon developing a .csv upload function for companies to easily upload multiple jobs at once, again saving you time.
Set Requirements
You can set your application requirements, the user must be within the qualified/ experience bracket to apply, limiting the number of people who can apply and saving you time not sifting through unsuitable candidates.
Shown in App
Your opportunity will be shown to our app users, they will be shown how qualified and experienced they are compared to the requirements and how well they fit personally, the user can apply with Profile and cover video
Easily manage and keep track of interviews, simply invite applicants to interview through the web portal with our drag and drop system. Our users will be notified by message and in app notification.
Your employers area allows you to manage applications, view cover videos, message your shortlisted candidates, send interview instructions and so much more including job and requirement management
Notify Our Users
Once your job is live you can access our talentTool, it will show you all the users who meet your criteria, you can then select multiple users and send a targeted notification inviting them to view your opportunity

No hidden fees, just an efficient way to find employees

At Imployable we are working hard to make positive change in the online recruitment industry, we strive to cut the cost of recruitment whilst increasing efficiency in the process.

We are not an employment agency, we are an app and web based platform that bridges the gaps for jobseekers when finding employment. We do not believe in commission, hidden fees or dodgy keyword scraping techniques, just helping you find driven, targeted potential employees.

It has taken us over 18 months to research, concept design and build a platform that aims to be a game changer in the online recruitment industry. We are transparent on our pricing and what you get for your money, there are no add ons or hidden fees. The following explains how you can use our system to find and engage with potential employees that fit.

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