Many of our team have experienced the stress and worry of trying to change direction in life, so we know how it feels, and we know that the right help is currently difficult to access. It takes courage to make this kind of transition and doing it on your own can seem incredibly daunting.

We believe that making a change in your own life shouldn’t be this difficult. Transitions are a crucial part of everyone’s journey. Without change we don’t learn, we don’t grow and we can’t reach our true potential.

At Imployable we’re trying to enable everyone to reach their potential and enjoy their work. With the right tools and support, we believe that managing a career change is something everyone can do. That’s why we developed our App to help you Identify, Map and Track your way into meaningful, fulfilling employment.

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Each of us have our own unique personality, skills and experience, yet this uniqueness is ignored by most job searching apps. The imployable App uses this information to help you identify the best job for you. Here are some of the App features that will help you to identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses:

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Once you’ve identified the career of your dreams, making it a reality can seem pretty daunting. Where do you even start? The imployable App can guide you on the journey.

By mapping your skills and experience against your preferred jobs you can find out what additional qualifications and work experience opportunities are needed for you to succeed.

These features will help you map out your path to success:

Imployable App


Starting a new career is a big challenge. With your ideal job in your sights and the journey all mapped out, the imployable App keeps you focussed on achieving your goal.

You can record your progress with training and work experience, track job applications and even message potential employers, directly from within the App.

These features will help you to track every step of your journey into an ideal job:

What are you waiting for?

Download the imployable App today and be one step closer to the career of your dreams!


The Power of Transitions

Don’t be afraid of transition and change, you are actually at an advantage! Whether you are transitioning into the job market from education, prison, the armed forces, civil service or time off to be a parent or simply moving in to a new industry, you have the advantage of being extremely driven, determined and resilient, these are traits that all employers want, so use them.

Taking the big step to make a major life change is daunting but it is also empowering. Picture yourself taking control, increasing your employability, learning something new and at the end being in a career that truly suits you and that you love. It is worth the short term pain for the long term gain.

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