imployable's White Label Solutions: Custom Employability Tech

Unlock the full potential of your career services with imployable’s white label solution. Our service allows you to seamlessly integrate and customise our proven career development platforms under your own brand. Easy to implement and fully customisable, our white label solution enhances career guidance, supports jobseekers, and connects employers and educators, creating a cohesive and effective career ecosystem tailored to your needs.

imployable’s white label solution makes use of existing, innovative and proven platforms to deliver an improved and more impactful level of career development, career guidance and career services. The multi service solution serves everyone involved in the employability process:


Supported directly via a custom, purpose-built career management app, allowing for guided CV creation, skills matching to relevant opportunities, guided career path explorations, career resources and videos and a messaging function too.


Free and unlimited access to a web portal for advertising local vacancies, complete with full candidate management tools for providing feedback, arranging interviews and offering roles to jobseekers!

Training Providers

Our InnovateUK-funded Cohort Management platform provides not just the tools and resources to support employment advisors with their cohort of customers, but also invaluable destination data to inform on career pathways and employment outcomes of their customers.

Government Agencies

Seamlessly integrate our white labelling services to enhance your employment programmes. Our data-driven solutions provide a smoother path for job seekers, employers, and training providers alike.

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