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Career & Employability Tools

Increase Delivery & Outcomes with Digital Support

imployable Cohort allows you to
induct, manage and track
participants into meaningful and
fulfilling employment through our
career development tools

imployable App & Cohort

Empowering Individuals to Become More Employable with our Custom Career Development App

Times are changing and so are people, we have created the award winning imployable app to give people the power to take control of their own career development and employability. In addition to this, imployable Cohort is a web-based career management and development portal that plugs directly into the participant app, giving employment professionals powerful tools to support participants on their journey into work whilst offering valuable visibility on participant engagement, CV's, personality profile and coach to participant communication. This truly brings physical and digital together, creating a hybrid solution to getting people work ready and allows employment advisors and coaches to efficiently deliver on contracts as they effectively manage, record and track their customers journey whilst providing accurate and live outcome evidence.


Participants get insights to over 1000 potential careers including entry requirements, qualifications and career progression routes.

CV Builder

Participants simply complete their digital profile which can be exported in word or pdf as a ready to send CV.

Personality profiling

Participants can undertake our personality profiling in-app, they will get a personalised report on how they fit personally in the world of work.


Participants will get access to over 1,000,000 live training, work experience, apprenticeship and job opportunities.


Participants can communicate directly with the Employment Advisor or coach through the imployable app and access local and national support organisations.




Cohort Features

imployable Cohort is a web-based system that works directly with the imployable app. imployable's powerful career management tools equip providers so that they can efficiently deliver both government employability programmes or private training programmes and allows participants to find meaningful and sustainable careers. Cohort gives coaches, Teachers, Employment Advisors and Support Workers the ability to:

✓ Create multiple cohorts and induct unlimited business users

✓ Add participants by email

✓ View participant CV’s

✓ View participant career related engagement on the app

✓ Send resources (CV Templates, action plans etc.) directly to participants

✓ Send messages to participants directly to their mobile phones

✓ Send individual or group notifications to participants


Easy-to-Use Platform

Simple Management

Setting up your cohort and inducting paticipants is quick and easy

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Sign Up to Cohort

Create your Cohort account in two easy steps. Add your cohort users (Coaches, Employment Advisors)

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Create a Cohort

Create a new cohort in the 'My Cohorts' section, add a name and assign a manager from your cohort users. Create as many cohorts as needed

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Induct Participants

Add the email addresses of your participants in the cohort, the imployable app will be sent directly to them

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Manage Participants

When participants sign up on the app they will automatically populate in your cohort for you to track & manage

The imployable Cohort Platform

Induct, Track & Manage Particpants

We have a cost-effective platform to efficiently and intelligently manage your participants. Cohort helps employment professionals to efficiently track, manage and deliver their employment programme or contract on an easy to use web-based system. Managing your cohort using spreadsheets can be frustrating, our platform is easy to use allowing you to effectively track and easily manage the progress of your participants.

imployable Web-Platform

Providing Employment Solutions

Our software gives evidence based outcomes and supports organisations in many sectors including welfare to work, education, government, career guidance, councils, recruitment, apprenticeships and training:


Welfare to Work

Organisations that deliver work programmes for the DWP and government initiatives to support people to get closer to and into work including ReStart, KickStarter, up-skilling and retraining programmes.


Housing Associations

We provide technology to housing associations to help support their tenants with employment, training and skills development



Our software helps careers advisors and career coaches to support students on their career exploration and development


Skills Bootcamps

Our software helps Bootcamp providers to support their learners throughout their course and through to their first interview



Our technology helps organisation's to track, manage and support their beneficiaries through to employment

Your Platform to Success

Cohort helps you to increase your output to jobs, manage and track your cohort and gain insights into data intelligence to strengthen and future-proof your organisation

  • Support more people
  • Be more efficient
  • Effectively deliver on contracts
  • Increase operational capacity
  • Provide better employment help to those that need it
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imployable is a member of ERSA, which is the membership body for the employment support sector