Group Coaching Services

We have delivered a range of group coaching programmes both online and in person. Group coaching consists of the following areas:

Moving Closer to Work

Group sessions that give people the skills and knowledge to help them move closer to work.

Getting Jobs

Sessions that give people real world skills and knowledge on finding and getting into a new job.

Digital Skills

In a digital world, digital skills are absolutely key to success. Our workshops help people to understand and navigate the digital landscape for successful outcomes.

Employability Skills

What are employers looking for, what skills do I have, where do I fit, etc. All questions we go through on our programme.

16-24 Year Olds

Young people are sometimes at a disadvantage because they lack experience and knowledge of the working world. We help give them the knowledge to succeed.

People 50+

The world of work has changed significantly; we give those aged 50 and above the skills and knowledge to transfer their valuable skills.

All of our programmes are designed, developed, and tested with our own in-house experts, and are fundamentally different to other providers. As well as coaching, we give those we support so much more. Course are delivered virtually or face-to-face, allowing us to reach a greater audience more effectively.