The Career Journey of Our Chief Operating Officer

In the world of career progression, Marina’s journey includes dedication, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of learning. Her story takes us through a remarkable trajectory, from the non-profit sector to the corporate world, showcasing her exceptional skills and passion for making a difference to the planet. 

The Non-Profit Beginnings 

 Marina completed an events Management degree and was lucky enough to secure a job for a local charity which kickstarted her career. Marina’s career commenced in the non-profit sector, where she displayed her impressive fundraising capabilities by raising over £500,000 p.a income through mass-participation events.  

Through the recruitment of new staff and volunteers,  Marina demonstrated her knack for leadership and team building, and proved her skills in building important partnerships with national companies and showcasing her prowess and partnership management skills. After 8 years in this sector, her career path took a new turn. 

Venturing into the Corporate World 

Marina transitioned into the corporate world, stepping into an operations role. This move required her to adapt and apply her skills in a different setting, emphasising her versatility and tenacity in a very different culture. She pursued an MBA simultaneously, highlighting her commitment to continuous learning and personal growth. 

Marina met life-long friends during her MBA, that set an entrepreneurial fire within her. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Sales Consultancy 

Marina’s entrepreneurial spirit then led her to establish her own consultancy, where she could apply her skills independently. This venture showcased her business acumen and her ability to navigate the complexities of the corporate world successfully working alongside some incredible businesses, where she learnt her love of innovation and tech! 

During this time Marina also set up another venture, Green Forward Networking allowing her to delve into her previous events experience whilst following her passion for a more sustainable planet.  

Leadership in ‘Career Tech’ Scale-Up 

The pinnacle of Marina’s career journey to date assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at a fast-paced ‘Career Tech’ scale-up imployable. She joined as the Sales Director and then soon become the COO, managing a diverse team and overseeing critical departments such as Marketing, HR, Training, and Sales. 

Marina gave us some tips for climbing the career ladder…

I was lucky enough to start my career at 21, straight out of uni, with a brilliant boss! She was professional, resilient , empathetic and taught me how to be a great leader. Along the way I’ve met some interesting characters in the work place, but mainly i’ve learnt that the following aspects are the most important to a successful career…

Emotional Intelligence: Develop emotional intelligence to understand and manage your emotions and those of others. This skill is crucial for effective teamwork and interpersonal relationships.

Continuous Learning: Invest in your education and skill development. Stay up-to-date with industry trends and acquire new knowledge and skills as needed. Consider pursuing advanced degrees, certifications, or relevant training. We have free courses on our imployable App! 

Hard Work and Commitment: Success often requires dedication and hard work. Be willing to put in the effort required to achieve your goals. Show commitment to your tasks and responsibilities. 

Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing circumstances, technologies, and market conditions is crucial. Be open to new ideas, embrace change, and remain flexible in your approach. 

Networking: Build and maintain a strong professional network. Connect with colleagues, mentors, and industry peers. Networking can provide valuable insights, opportunities, and support throughout your career, it certainly helped me.

Resilience: Expect setbacks and failures along the way – you won’t always have bosses/ management who are gunning for you or wanting to help your professional development. You’ll come across corruption and those who will throw you under the bus, so you need resilience, the ability to bounce back from adversity, is a key trait of successful individuals. Use failures as opportunities for growth and learning. 

Ethical Behaviour: Uphold high ethical standards in your professional life. Trust and integrity are essential for building long-term relationships and a positive reputation. 

Remember that success in a career is a journey. It might involve setbacks and challenges, but with determination, continuous learning, and the right mindset, you can achieve your professional goals and find fulfilment in your chosen path. 

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