Social Impact

Our Social Impact

Imployable’s social impact is rooted in supporting individuals to achieve stability and progress in their career or educational pursuits. This is achieved by providing suitable training, education, or employment opportunities that align with their skills, interests, and values, and by offering ongoing support to maintain these opportunities over time.

Imployable’s focus on sustained employment and personal growth is complemented by its efforts to cultivate important soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, which are essential in almost every job or educational setting. 

As a result of Imployable’s support, individuals have shown improved attitude, motivation, and self-confidence, and have developed valuable interpersonal, communication, and self-awareness skills. They have also demonstrated improved general preparation for work, job search skills, and interview skills, and have received relevant job-specific resources, further education and training, and specialist support. 

Case Studies

Take a look at the impact we've made on some of our customers...


Tracey was able to secure a temp job working for two councils.


Zachery secured a sustainability job working for Cancer Research UK


Anastasia was able to secure agency work whilst completing her coaching course.

Imployable delivers positive social value, economic impact, and environmental wellbeing through its personalised and bespoke coaching services, the imployable app, as well as our ongoing evaluation of social outcomes. 

Imployables coaching services empower individuals to overcome barriers and achieve personal and professional growth. 

Social Values and Economic impact: 

  • Imployable provide personalised career, wellbeing and digital coaching enhancing the individuals’ skills, confidence and overall wellbeing which leads to improved social integration, reduced offending rate and increase employability. 
  • Job Opportunities – Imployable have a jobs board which generates live and up to date employment opportunities, by which the coaches support the individuals within terms of how to use it, search and apply in order to reach sustained employment. Through Imployabes network of employers and career guidance, they enable individuals to secure meaningful employment, reducing reliance on social welfare systems and promoting economic independence. 
  • Education –Imployables coaches introduce individuals to free online courses, improving their access to education and empowering them to enhance their skills. 
  • Innovation and Technology: Imployable heavily invests in research and development, having won grants to create technology that supports the development of employment and coaching technology in order to stimulate economic progress. 

Imployables coaching services have helped 88% of individuals complete their employment training giving them the confidences and skills to secure meaningful careers and leading to increased income and improved financial stability. 

Environmental Wellbeing 

  • Imployable utilises digital platforms in order to reduce the need for paper-based collateral. 
  • Imployable delivers virtual coaching sessions and online resources in order to reduce travel-related emissions, supporting environmental conservation and reducing carbon footprint. 
  • Imployable are dedicated members of the Plastic Free Directory in order to reduce the amount of plastic the business uses day to day, helping to support our environment. 
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