Making a Social Impact

We believe in a world where everybody, no matter their age, background, ability or disability can have equal access to a fulfilling career

From working with the Department for Work and Pensions to Supporting Ex Offenders and everything in between.
We believe we can help everyone…


When we set up this company we had one vision, that everybody can have access to a fulfilling career, no matter what that career is, everyone is different. Not everyone dreams of being an astronaut or a racing driver, most people actually want to do something that aligns with their own intrinsic loves. From working outside, working in teams, having a great work life balance.. it differs from person to person yet it seems that the recruitment industry is not in alignment and we are determined to have a social impact.

It is especially hard for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, people down on their luck or people that just haven’t quite worked out where they fit in this world. I fully believe that every single person on this planet was put here for a reason, everyone has a gift and until we find it we will never be truly fulfilled. We have created this tool to help people to identify what will make them happy, what drives them and what career would suit them, if you do something you love, that aligns with your own belief system, you will find your gift and share it with the world, at that point everyone is a winner, both the employee and the employer and the people that are direct beneficiaries of that gift.

We are, and will continue, to work extremely hard to improve the prospects of all people. We are working closely with government departments, social enterprises, charities and businesses to level the playing field and create opportunities for a more fulfilling career and ultimately a happier, healthier life.


We have goals..

Reduce reoffending by helping ex-offenders get their fresh start and become productive members of society

Reduce veteran unemployment, we want to see veteran unemployment fall below 10%, we want to make this zero but one step at a time

Reduce overall unemployment, by inspiring people to find what they love and make a career of it whilst giving access to jobs

Help school, college and university leavers to make the best decisions where it counts.. during their education

To open a world of opportunity to people leaving public services and not be channelled in to replica jobs in the private sector

To inspire businesses to change, adapt working hours and their approach to employment, things like unlocking skilled workforces in parents through school hour jobs, creating a better work/life balance with 4 day working weeks


We will work tirelessly to achieve these goals and work with people who can help us have a social impact.


The Imployable App is free, and always will be.
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imployable’s Social Mission

To positively impact the lives of ALL who use our system, to help be the guiding light on a personal journey of self discovery.

Our impact is much farther reaching than just digital, in everything we do, we want to have a lasting and positive affect. To prove we mean what we say, we take direct action and lead by example. Below is just one example of how we live by our mantra.

Imployable CEO gives 1% of company away to random stranger in JobCentre.


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