5 Steps to getting into work 

So you’re on the job hunt? Finding the right job is one of the biggest things in anyone’s life. Being in a job you love makes your work days far more enjoyable but also improves your overall quality of life. So what do you need to do? Below is our list of the 5 most important steps for getting into work. 

  1. CV  

Most of us have created at least one CV in our lifetime. They are a labour of love and at imployable we have made it easier than ever. With our digital resume you enter your qualifications and work experience and that’s it. Once you’ve added your personal statement your resume is ready to go! You can use it to apply for every job on the app, making it a quick and easy process!  

You won’t do your cover letter until you apply for a role, you can find out more about cover letter here. 

 2) Job search 

Take some time to decide what kind of jobs you want to apply for or which jobs you are qualified to do. Once you have a good idea of what you want to do, then you can start hunting. 

Clearly you’re going to be using imployable for your job hunt! Once your resume is complete you can start to search jobs. imployable uses your resume and instantly compares it to available jobs to tell you how your experience and qualification matches up to the requirements. You can search by location and see at a glance whether you have the skills to apply.  

Don’t be discouraged during your job search, you won’t get every interview but the more you put yourself out there, the more you’ll get in return. 

3) Interview 

First impressions count! We all know this but make sure you put it into action. Dress smartly and put your game face on. Prepare for an interview by going over answers for typically asked questions. You can ask a friend to help you and get them to give you a practice interview. 

Take your time to do some research on the company, what is their company ethos? What is their big news at the moment? If you can try to find out exactly who will be interviewing you and find out what you can about them (in a professional capacity, facebook stalking is not advised) 

Check out our blog post on questions to ask at the end of your interview, here. 

4) Not being phased by rejection 

Being rejected is never nice. No matter how confident you are in your abilities, a rejection can be a real knock back to anyone.  

However, we learn more from failure than success. So make it a learning experience. You are allowed to feel down about it but don’t let it slow you down. Once you feel ready to, reach out and ask for feedback. It can be invaluable to see why an employer didn’t take you on. Use feedback to make changes to the way you interview.  

Don’t take rejection personally, at the end of the day it’s not a personal attack. It’s important for businesses to find people who fit into their company, and if you don’t fit then you wouldn’t want to work there anyway. 

5) How to prepare for a job once you’ve had an offer 

You’ve got the job!! That’s great, and now the real work begins! So what should you do to prepare for your first day?  

  • Spend some time going through their social media and getting a feel for the company culture. 
  • Trial your journey to work. There is nothing worse than being late for your first day so make sure you do a trial run especially if you rely on public transport. 
  • Make sure you have everything you need whether that’s a tool kit, stationary or a laptop. 
  • Check with your boss to see what they require from you on day one. This will probably be some proof of your right to work, bank details and your National Insurance number.  

So there are our 5 steps to get into work. Hopefully these will have been helpful to you, if there’s any questions you want answered or blog posts you want us to write just drop us a line! 

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